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  • Discover the secret science behind turbocharging your cold outreach to achieve unbeatable sales results!

  • Uncover the power of personalization and learn how to craft magnetic messages that can't be ignored.

  • Get the lowdown on the latest sales tech tools, including AI, CRM systems, and email automation, to catapult your sales game into the future.

  • Build your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) like a pro and ensure you're targeting the right prospects every time.

  • Craft irresistible cold emails with magnetic subject lines, storytelling techniques, and A/B testing strategies that'll leave your competition in the dust.

  • Master the art of cold calling with proven scripts, objection handling techniques, and expert insights from a seasoned cold calling pro.

  • Learn the ultimate power move – the multi-channel approach that combines cold calling, email, and social media for maximum impact.

  • And much more!


"No one I’ve met has more experience in the trenches and practical expertise in outbound than this man..."



Kieran Krohn

Senior Sales Manager, HubSpot

“Justin’s approach to pipeline generation is disruptive and extremely effective. No one I’ve met has more experience in the trenches and practical expertise in outbound than this man. Salespeople can quickly pick up and run with the methodology with minimal effort as it’s been designed to be scalable and adaptable to each individual’s unique style. Justin explains the why behind everything, and by helping sellers to understand and then tap into human psychology, it’s no surprise that the JMM gets results.”

Luke Ruffing

Account Executive, Reveal

“Justin’s approach to prospecting has not only revolutionized my personal pipeline (14 cold outbound meetings) in less than 2 weeks using the JMM (Justin Michael Method). But he has also managed to build an incredible community that I look to outside of work for life advice.”


Co-Founder, Kadoa

“In one month, Justin transformed my sales skills from knowing virtually nothing to booking meetings and closing deals with top decision-makers. Working with Justin is a no-brainer.”

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About Justin Michael

Justin Michael is a world-record-breaking, outbound sales maven who has arguably built the deepest client acquisition methodology of all time: the Justin Michael Method (JMM). It’s driven over 1B in pipeline for 200+ startups he’s advised and over 25K reps, 1K of which he’s personally coached. Ex Salesforce and LinkedIn, Justin is the global authority on AI-based outbound prospecting alongside legends like Aaron Ross, Josh Braun, and Mark Roberge. His counterintuitive, mobile-responsive, neuroscience-backed visual prospecting methodology made him a million-dollar earner and helped countless startups scale past 10MM ARR. His clients frequently 2-5X their pipeline and income, consistently getting promoted within six months. Justin is the bestselling author of Tech-Powered Sales, which proved that over 75% of top funnel can be automated by raising your technology quotient (TQ). He lives in Los Angeles, California, advising top SaaS technology CROs and teams on bleeding-edge revenue models.

Why They Recommend

The Justin Michael Method™

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Charles Needham

Business Development, Revenue Drivers

“Justin Michael is the Obi-Wan Kenobi of opening conversations. Justin trains you to think holistically rather than relying on tactics, stratagems, or playbooks. By drawing on fundamental insights from neuroscience, Game Theory, and negotiation, Justin contextualizes the sales process against a much more critical skillset: Understanding what it means to be, in the world of Arnold Schwarzenegger, ‘useful’ - a selfless professional advisor acting in the best interests of the people whose lives they touch. There is nobody better.”

Adam Tan

Sales Dev, Backblaze

“My reps are seeing an immediate uplift in positive response rates, phone + call + social, after implementing the JMM framework. Justin is hyper-engaged with everyone who takes his course. His collaborative, interactive style creates the environment of him speaking WITH us, not AT us.”

John Montgomery

Founder & Principal, Montgomery Wealth Advisors

“When I reached out to Justin for personalized coaching, I was impressed by his genuine desire to help me improve. He cares deeply about his client’s success on both a personal and professional level. During our time together, Justin pushed me far outside my comfort zone to build an effective daily prospecting routine. His breadth of sales knowledge is impressive, and he skillfully tailored his advice to my specific industry and role. Justin also went above and beyond as a mentor. He provided invaluable guidance on sales techniques, mindset, motivation, and addressing the inner roadblocks that hold people back. ”

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